Remember We Have Laws

I find that The Magna Carta for Public School Teachers (RA. 4670, 1966) covers the basics and is fair in itself. What I find most lacking, as with most other legislation in the Philippines, is the enforcement of the law.

From my limited perspective & that of mister Ben Orlin (Orlin, B. 2014) I view public school teachers as being over worked and extending beyond the call of duty on multiple occasions and in multiple ways.

Though for the sake of this activities below are the items I found interesting and would move for modification.

Section 2 (Modification) – Integration of school nurses. Let the school nurses have a more active role in the school. Let them do short talks on health or lead health programs for the students, instead of being just the people you go to when you are sick, or don’t want to attend PE. They could even function in a some what parallel way to how guidance counselors function, except that they would focus more on physical counselling, this could be very relevant for adolescent students who’s parents are not able to provide proper direction with regard to the changes their bodies are going through. I believe that teachers who have more interactions with their students are more effective in their delivery of service and instruction.

Section 13, 23, 24 (Note, see section 36) – These portions are good, but don’t seem to be much enforced due to either a lack of manpower or due to the narrative of unrealistic expectation that we have of teachers (Peroff, 2019). 

Section 13b – Maximum institutional capacity. Similar to how state colleges have entrance exams to maintain their levels of excellence, so too must the rest of the schooling system have a way to maintain their standards of teaching and work load. Schools should only take what their current staffing can handle. This will protect the rights of the teachers to their proper teaching hours as well as providing positive reinforcement for the students to do well as they treasure their placement in the more competitive schools. This will also drive each district to invest more in their schools. Capable families would be motivated to live in an area with a good school their children can attend.

Section 36 (additional) – An additional role that will be looking after the development and care of the teachers in their local or assignment. Similar to a thesis adviser or formal mentor for the teachers. Not only will this person work closely with the teachers in their career development, but will also look out for their personal well being. This is something that is already done by administrators, but by adding it as part of the law there will be (hopefully) a higher weight to the importance of this task.


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Written for UPOU BES EDUC 101. Activity 2-9: Revisions for The Magna Carta for Teachers

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